Earliest records name a Saxon named Alsi as being the landowner of Doddiscombsleigh prior to 1066. The first record of Town Barton is in the Domesday Book of 1086 when Doddiscombsleigh was known as Terra Godeboldi under the reign of one Godbold the Bowman. Town Barton was the Capital Barton (Manor House) for Godbold’s Domesday Estates. This makes it one of the very rare instances of a property truly being specifically traceable to where a Domesday owner dwelt.

Over the centuries, of course, the old house has undergone remodelling and rebuilding. Sir Ralph de Doddescomb lived in the house from 1216-1272 causing the village name to be changed from Legh Peverel to Doddiscombsleigh. Sometime between 1327 and 1377 the last male Doddescomb died, leaving five daughters. The manor was divided up by marriage and then had five Lords.

The original house of Town Barton and land of the NoBody Inn was in the possession of one of these five Lords. In 1591 a rich Exeter merchant Robert Parr bought “messuages, landes, pastures, commons, groves, marishes, woodes,rentes etc in Doddiscombsleighe and Bridford” from a James Woodeye, gentleman. Previously the Deeds were owned by his father Peter and before him a Robert Holbeme in 1570.

The cottage that is now The NoBody Inn was one of these “dwelling houses or messuages” in 1837. The Inn has had a curious role in the parish. It did not formally become an Inn until 1838. However from the early 1600’s at least it was virtually the village’s unofficial Church House. It was originally called Pophill Howse but details seem untraceable until 1752 when it is owned by Stephen Diggines “the carpenter”. Stephen and his son Stephen did carpentry work for the church and his house continued to be a centre for parish affairs and de facto inn and meeting place.

Pophill House did not become “The New Inn” until after Stephen Jr. died in 1837. To today it has continued to be an Inn. Since then the Inn has only changed ownership five times and always to people who love the history, the beautiful village, good food and wine and always give a warm welcome to their customers.